FHA Compliance Inspections

An FHA Compliance Inspections or Final Inspections are inspections are a requirements of  FHA insured mortgages for the purchase, remodel or refinance of a property.  FHA Compliance Inspections verify the property adheres to The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Minimum Property Standards.   FHA Compliance Inspections are performed by licensed and or certified inspectors approved by HUD as FHA Fee Inspectors.  

FHA mortgage lenders will need to obtain an FHA Compliance inspection

  • when the appraisal was performed before construction was completed.
  • when underwriting requires a third party fee inspector to review a property
  • to review the repairs or remodeling
  • to certify proper installation of Manufactured Homes on a permanent foundation.

FHA Fee Inspectors are employed by FHA lenders to provide a professional opinion of the home’s condition. The inspector acts as the eyes of the HUD. The inspector performs a complete visual inspection of the subject property’s interior and exterior, according to HUD Guidelines.

Manufactured Homes foundations are evaluated based on HUD  manual Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, published September 1996


203K Consultant

 Home buyers planning to purchase residential property in need of repair may do so by securing a FHA 203K loan. 

A 203K Loan will allow the buyer to finance the purchase cost of the property as well as the cost to repair the property that comply with HUDs 203K Loan Guidelines. 

There are two types of 203K Loans:

  • Streamlined  203K for properties that require less than $35,000.00 in repairs
  • Full 203K loans for those properties that require more than $35,000.00 in repairs.

On full 203K loans where the scope exceeds the guidelines Streamline 203k the home buyer will need to work with a HUD-approved 203K Consultant.   The 203k consultant will perform:

  • Perform the Initial Site Visit
  • Prepare Feasability Assessment
  • Develop Architectural Exhibits, Detailed Work Write-up and Cost Estimates
  •  Hold Contractor bid meeting
  • Perform Draw Request Inspections.